C. Napolitano


Nowhere Near Berlin


Blogs are the worst; I honestly can’t believe you’re here. Especially travel blogs; god bless your soul you good, good friend.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the attention. But your interest will probably play out something like, “Oh, Christian is blogging while in Berlin. I wonder how many posts he’ll write before he stops.” then you’ll go back to pretending I don’t have a blog. Don’t worry though, it’ll just be awkward when I get home and ask you about my last post in July and you haven’t read it.

If you do decide to come back, I guarantee this will be the best blog you read this summer about someone in Berlin working in advertising. After all, I have eight weeks here to immerse myself into the culture. Fifty-six days to see if anywhere in Berlin has good buffalo chicken. Enough time to find out if Germans too celebrate taco Tuesday like the second coming of Jesus. What will happen on the Fourth of July? Will a new travel ban leave me stranded in Germany forever? More importantly, is there such thing as getting Iced in Berlin?

I plan on posting at least a few times a week. If I go a few days and there’s no post, don’t worry, I’m probably hard at work or in a bratwurst induced coma. If this is the last post, I probably died on the flight over. 

“Spotted at MIA Airport, bags in hand: Christian Napolitano.” Was it only a year ago our It Boy mysteriously disappeared for “Ad School”? And just as suddenly, he’s back. Don’t believe me? See for yourselves. Lucky for us, Melanie91 sent proof. Thanks for the photo, Mel. Why’s he leaving? When will he return? Send me all the deets. And who am I? That’s the secret I’ll never tell. The only one. —XOXO. Gossip Girl.