C. Napolitano


If I Was a Food I'd Be a (NYC) Gnocchi

Taylor Level 9000

Taylor Level 9000


Just kidding. But I see you, you blue blooded, MetroCard swiping, Knicks loving pastrami sandwiches. You’ve got the whole world fooled into thinking you’re all cold, crass, isolationists who will go “AY GET OUTTA HERE YOU GOBBILDY GOOK” if anyone sneezes within 40 feet.

Well, now I know better. I walk around this city and hit you all with eye contact, smiling and saying "good morning" or "how bout them Yankees?!". And guess what? You guys crack. You smile back, and say "good morning"  or "Derek Jeter 4 prez! lol". I’ve discovered New Yorkers are friendly at their core, but you’ve got to lick them 100 times, like a Tootsie Pop. Or a nice warm Digiorno.

So come on feel the noise, girls rock your boys. Let’s meet at the 7AM Flywheel class in Williamsburg so we can all burn of last nights 34% Brooklyn Exclusive VIP ONLY Double IPA that came with a free dog. It’s a New Yorker thing. We read books on trains. You wouldn’t understand.