C. Napolitano


Deep Thoughts in Berlin


Three months is not a long time to spend in a city, but it’s long enough to fall in love. If Berlin decides to have you, I now understand that you can never truly leave.

I will be home in three weeks, and I will miss my new friend dearly. There will be a hole in my heart where Berlin’s magic flickers in candlelit windows at night, and floats out of bakeries smelling like strudel in the morning. 

With so much history, this place surprisingly seduced me instead with it’s cosmopolitan flair. This forced me to stay on my toes and do my best to keep up with its intoxicating energy. Most of the time I fell behind, and that's OK. 

There are many people here who have fallen behind, and they make for great company. They will tell you stories, they will buy you a drink. They will do their best to catch up, but in the spirit of Berlin, they understand the importance of keeping a small part of themselves in the past. Identity is fluid here, and everyone is more than happy to go with the flow.

Not to fear my dear reader, the wit and hilarious banter will return next post. I just want to have a small moment of respect for this city, it’s people, and the concept of being from Berlin. I will miss Berlin nights, Berlin mornings, and everything in-between.

Danke Berlin, bis wir uns wiedersehen.