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Choo Choo!!!

Choo Choo!!!

Masters of None is a great show. The second season’s first few episodes follow the main character during the end of an apprenticeship in Italy. He goes to learn how to make pasta for the sake of being able to make damn good pasta. That’s arguabley the best reason one can have to up and go, but flying across the globe to work at the advertising agency who handles Mercedes Benz global account is pretty neat too if I say so myself.  

I bring up Masters of None because besides the similarity of the protagonist taking superfluous actions to pursue his passion, it also paints a romantic picture of living in Europe. This is important because today on my walk into work, I was a living, breathing Masters of None character. I walked by someone on the street and called out, “Digiorno!”, to which they smiled and called back, “Digiorno!” That’s not really true, but I did walk to work. And there was a nice coffee shop that I stood at, sipping my double espresso watching the children bike by on their way to class. I then walked by a small market and grabbed an apple and flipped the merchant a coin! I don’t know what the coin was, it could’ve been five euro, but I needed this moment to be classic goshdarnit. I guess I could’ve given him the equivalent of whatever a nickel is here but he didn’t say anything so…

Today is my first day at Elbkind. This office is dope. If you yell BRATWURST everyone else in the office has to yell it just as loud or louder otherwise everyone has to shotgun a beer. 

That’s not really true either, but by the end of my 3 months here maybe I’ll rub off on them. The office is very contemporary and modern. It looks like a movie set for a design agency, with drawings on the walls, beer in the fridge, and everyone looking too cool to have any other career. I’m a mixed cocktail of excited and nervous. 

I’ll check back in tomorrow.


“Gotta catch em all!” - Jason Paige