C. Napolitano


Walking Somewhere in Berlin

Adidas Ultraboost 3

Adidas Ultraboost 3

What's in a pair of beat up white sneakers? Other than feet, some would say character. I’m not admitting I have a foot fetish, but if I were, you should do as The Countess would and, "Be cool. Don't be all like uncool"

Next time you travel, acquire some white kicks beforehand. During said travels, no matter how hard you try to keep them clean, the wear and tear will mark these babies up like a passport for the streets. Nothing is hidden on white shoes and they proudly wear your 3AM decisions while you sit in bed the next morning watching Gilmore Girls nervously ordering too much food on whatever is the local version of Postmates. The shoes will become badges of pride, proclaiming, "these grass stains come from the biggest park in Berlin, and the brown stuff is human/dog sh*t from the same park!”

White shoes are what they are, they can't change their image, and they're better for it. They make you better for it. While abroad, one occasionally walks on the other side of the street as not to miss the random cafe with the potential to change a morning routine. One goes into parks and steps foot in historic landmarks. Dropping German schnitzel sauce on your footwear is an experience optimized when your footwear is white. Buying bleach to get German schnitzel sauce out of those shoes only to bleed all over them days later.. now thats the stuff travel blogs are made for.

Here's to you white shoes, may your miles be many and your stains stay saucy. 


PS - Don't wear white Vans, Converse, Keds, or Supergas. Put some effort into it you basic banana. You don’t want to be inline with advice from a blog like this.

PPS - Stan Smiths are ok, but only because I can’t get over the fact that someone with the last name of Smith named their kid Stan.